In recent years, Raleigh has not only grown out, it has grown up. With many high and mid-rise buildings Quality One is here to meet your growing needs.

Rising to a higher standard to keep the floors high above Raleigh clean.

Raleigh High RiseWhen we step into your home we treat it with respect and care. We want to leave an impact on your high-rise home in a positive way with a deep cleaning and providing a great service. We pre-walk the home and examine all areas looking for pre-existing wear and tear, staining, odors and any other areas of concern. We are always upfront about pricing and the condition of your carpets.

Carpet cleaning in high-rise buildings, penthouses and top floor apartments require special equipment and expertise to deliver top notch quality services.

Our area is full of high-rise buildings, and normal carpet cleaning truckmounts are unable to service your home but Quality One Carpet Cleaning has the solution. Quality One has invested in state of the art portable cleaning equipment to service our new high and mid-rise customers.

The experts at Quality One Carpet Cleaning are well-trained and arrive at your high-rise location fully equipped to get the job done right the first time. Customer service representatives will coordinate all carpet cleaning to ensure a smooth experience for all. When it comes to our advanced carpet cleaning equipment, we use portable machines which fit in elevators and narrow hallways.

Steam cleaning of high-rise carpets should be performed at least once every six months by the professional carpet cleaners at Quality One Carpet Cleaning using the right machines and safest cleaning solutions. Properly groomed carpets can last twenty years or even more with routinely scheduled, professional cleaning services. Clean carpets are one important aspect of a good impression and overall image.

We offer high-rise carpet cleaning from the basement to the highest loft or suite.

Just in case an untimely accident occurs, we also have high power portable extraction equipment. We have invested in the very best portable extraction equipment in order to provide the same quality results on floor 50 that we can provide on floor number 1.

Most carpet cleaning companies rely on bulky, heavy machines to clean carpets, which might be fine on the first or second floor, but can be a real problem on the fifteenth. Carpet cleaners can also be truck-mounted, and large hoses need to be dragged from street to apartment. This is fine for a home, but would be a major inconvenience for a high-rise.

Quality One Carpet Cleaning removes soil and stains that other cleaners might leave behind. Our low moisture system has been rated as one of the best cleaning processes. Our carpet cleaning system is also safe for carpets that have been glued down (won’t delaminate carpet), as is the case with some high-rise residential properties.

You will love the look and feel of your clean carpet, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that the dirt is gone and your carpets are clean and healthy again. Our carpet cleaning process is unique and proven.

Not only do we clean carpets, we also clean furniture and upholstery too. Our cleaning process gently restores your furniture to a beautiful look and feel you may not have thought possible. You’ll also be amazed at how quickly your upholstery dries, getting your home back to normal, and back in business!