Quality One Carpet Cleaning: Inspecting & Assessing Water Damage in Your Raleigh, NC Home

Once you contact our Raleigh, NC water damage professionals and give them details about your emergency, one of our team members will visit your property to start a water damage inspection and assessment. During this step, Quality One Carpet Cleaning will determine the extent of your property’s water damage and come up with an ideal solution.

What to Expect from a Raleigh Water Damage Inspection & Assessment

What makes up a routine Raleigh water damage inspection and assessment?

  • Identifying and stopping the source of the water damage. One of our top priorities when we first visit your home or apartment is finding and stopping the water source. This must be done before we can begin the water removal process.
  • Identifying the category and classification of water that is damaging your property. Why is it important to identify the type of water that is damaging your home or apartment? The type of restoration process we choose will depend on what type of water has damaged your property.
  • Identifying the extent of the water damage. Next, our Raleigh water damage technician will survey your property to figure out the full extent of the damage and assess any safety concerns.
  • Moving and protecting furniture. We will also move any furniture or property that is in the way of the water damage.

Once Quality One Carpet Cleaning completes the inspection and assessment, we can begin removing the water from your property. Please don’t hesitate to contact Quality One Carpet Cleaning at (919) 909-0414 if you have any questions about what goes into a routine inspection and assessment.

Quality One Carpet Cleaning is proud to provide emergency water damage inspections and assessments in Raleigh, Wake Forest, Cary, Apex and surrounding areas of NC.